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Trust SERVPRO of South Frisco/The Colony

8/24/2022 (Permalink)

When you experience commercial or residential damage, do you know who to call next?

Did you know that it is necessary to begin the restoration process as soon as possible?! Analyzing the damage on your own leaves behind many unnoticed areas that can cause havoc later or can lead to bigger damage to your property. SERVPRO of South Frisco/The Colony has trained professionals who are equipped to take care of everything, from analyzing to repair and restoration. Here are a few reasons why you should consider our team.

Why SERVPRO of South Frisco/The Colony?

  • Services on Time: We provide emergency services and are at your service as soon as you reach out to us for help.
  • Expert Personnel and Technology: We provide highly trained technicians who are familiar with advanced technology designed for property damage restoration. With IICRC industry certifications, our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.
  • Low Restoration Costs on High-Quality Process: Our “restore first” mentality helps to lower costs and get you back in your home or business sooner. This focus relies upon our specialized training and equipment to restore your property back to pre-event condition.
  • Insurance Claim Handling: We are also experts in handling insurance matters. If you have no experience in filling insurance claims, then we can provide a stress-free claims process where we manage the insurance paperwork and process.

Should You Restore or Replace During a Loss?

7/18/2022 (Permalink)

A white female employee in a black shirt is cleaning a black metal tv frame Our team strives to restore the items in your life that may have more meaning

When your commercial or residential property has been damaged by fire or water, SERVPRO of South Frisco/The Colony's mission always has been to provide the best customer service possible, to support your business or home during the mitigation process, and to make it "Like it never even happened". Our team works to provide this service as quickly as possible and at the lowest possible cost to you. We understand that time is money and our team makes it their job to help you get life back to normal. Part of recovering the belongings in your home or business includes identifying which items and structures can be preserved. Our team strives to restore the items in your life that may have more meaning. Sometimes it is actually more of cost savings to restore something than it is to completely replace it. This also allows our team to maintain those items which have sentimental value. Did you know that according to research conducted by the insurance and repair industries, restoring property after fire and water damage is less expensive than replacing it? Restoring is also less disruptive to your home or business, allowing you to stay in their homes or continue conducting your business throughout the process and rapidly return to normal. Our team is trained to identify when restoring can be performed with the high-quality outcomes that our clients deserve as a preferred mitigation and restoration partner for most major insurance companies. This "repair" rather than "replace" mindset can help you save money while keeping family treasures, keepsakes, and other impossible or prohibitively expensive items to replace. If your home or business has been impacted by water or fire damage, call the professionals at SERVPRO of South Frisco/The Colony.

Why Work for SERVPRO of South Frisco/The Colony

6/14/2022 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO of South Frisco/The Colony, you have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of people around you each and every day. We are seeking individuals who are self-motivated, proactive, responsible, and service-oriented teammates. Please join us in our mission to help our customers in their greatest moments of need. Coupled with a family-oriented culture and a standard of excellence in all we do, not only do our team members feel right at home, but they also end the day knowing that the work they deliver is among the best in the industry. At SERVPRO of South Frisco/The Colony, positions are always available for the right individuals who wish to join us in our vision of becoming the premier cleaning and restoration company in the world. Not only is it our mission to develop a team of quality people who focus on fairness, excellence, and mutual respect, but we are also creating opportunities for our team members to grow within the organization. We desire to see you succeed!  So no matter which role you play in our organization, whether it is at the front desk taking calls or on the front lines extracting water, you can be certain that you are fulfilling duties that go beyond administrative tasks or heavy lifting, you are helping us restore hope and normalcy to the lives and daily routines of some of the most vulnerable and even traumatized members of our communities.  If you are highly dependable and excited about exceeding expectations, then you may be just the person we're looking for. To apply, visit our South Frisco/The Colony Career Page!

Benefits of Claims Inventory System

4/8/2022 (Permalink)

Insurance companies prefer to work with mitigation and restoration services that maintain up-to-date systems. 

The SERVPRO Claims Information System enables an insurance agent to access the information he or she needs to process and settle an insurance claim. Here are four benefits of this system.

1. Access To Individual Claim Information

Insurance agents and adjusters can gain access to information for each claim through the Claims Information System. Local franchises upload damage information and estimate to an internal database. Documentation is then made available to representatives of property owners' insurance providers to facilitate the claim process.

2. Ease of Data Comparison and Research

Agents and adjusters can also access information to ensure that each estimate falls within the normal range nationwide and for the region, state, county, or the surrounding area of Frisco, TX. Discrepancies may be due to extenuating factors for a particular job, such as secondary damage. A claims inventory system makes it easy to sort data based on causes of loss, types of claims, and job costs.

3. Shorter Processing Times

It may take less time to process an insurance claim if all of the information about the job is available in one convenient online resource. Insurers can access updated information at any time, which should prevent delays due to communication. An estimate that accounts for both damage mitigation and restoration may make it easier to settle a claim.

4. Updated Estimates and Job Information

Experienced mitigation professionals and the option for pretesting can increase the accuracy of initial estimates. If additional damage becomes apparent later in the mitigation or restoration process, this information is made available to agents and adjusters through the claims inventory system.

Insurance companies seek out Preferred Vendors for mitigation and restoration services. The SERVPRO Claims Information System is one of many features that can help an agent or adjuster settle an insurance claim.

Are The Air Ducts In Your Business Clean?

3/17/2022 (Permalink)

Did you know that investing in regular air duct cleaning can reduce indoor allergens like dust, pollen, and pet dander?  Air duct cleaning is vital to the cleanliness of the air you breathe in.

Since the ventilation system is often the biggest culprit in poor indoor air quality, inspecting the ductwork in your home or business should be a high priority.  In most cases, the HVAC system has been operating for some time without much attention. Dirty ducts can circulate odors and contaminants such as mold and irritating dust throughout your building or home.

SERVPRO of South Frisco/The Colony provides commercial and residential air duct cleaning that can improve the air quality in your home or business.

How often do you need your air ducts cleaned?

It is recommended to get your air ducts cleaned every three to five years.  However, if you have elderly family members, pets, allergies, or young children it may be beneficial to clean your air ducts more often.  If you see a lot of dust gathering on furniture just after cleaning, that could be one sign that your air ducts need cleaning.

Our Duct Cleaning Process

  • The process begins by using patented equipment including a roto-scraper, which aromatically adapts to the shape and diameter of the duct while traveling through the duct, removing debris and dirt before vacuuming begins
  • Next, powerful push-pull air delivery and collection system transfer the debris from the ducting to a collection bag.
  • Air is then filtered through a HEPA filtration system removing 99.97 percent of particles in the air-stream. HEPA filters capture debris and keep the environment clean.
  • As an optional process, a sealant or coating product may be sprayed to address odor or microbial concerns.
  • Always have a replacement filter on hand so that we may change them out at the time of service.
If you have questions about air duct cleaning services for your home or business please give us a call at SERVPRO of South Frisco/The Colony at 972.335.9900

Cleaning Tips for Outside Your Home

3/9/2022 (Permalink)

With Spring approaching, it’s time to check your home and see if the wintery cold caused any damage to your home or building. Signs of winter damage start to show themselves once the weather warms up and the surrounding environment starts to thaw. This article will help you get out of winter hibernation and back into barbeque season! Here is a quick maintenance checklist focusing on the exterior of your building.

1. Start at the Top (Inspect the Roof)

A healthy roof is one of the most important parts of your home. Ensuring it is sturdy and sealed is central to keeping your entire home efficient. Damage to your shingles, flashing, or any leaks can quickly trickle down and affect other areas of your home. When looking at your shingles look for curled edges, tears, or loose stones in your gutters, these are all signs of damage and could be a signal for replacement.

2. Check the Structure (Inspect the Foundation, Walls, Windows, and Doors)

Do a walk around of your home and check for cracks/holes in the foundation. as well as inspecting the exterior walls, siding, windows, and door. If you identify a foundation issue, contact a specialist to take a look. When inspecting the windows and doors, pay special attention to the caulking and weather stripping, issues in the seal are often harder to find than obvious holes or tears. 

3. Independent Structures (Garages, Sheds, Fences, etc)

Make sure the garage door is functioning properly and has a strong seal at the bottom. Sweep and vacuum dust, dirt, and debris around the doors. Also, make sure there is nothing that could fall off the ceiling and impede the doors from working properly. Look for signs of cracked or split fencing boards, especially near any gates, and ice can raise fence boards and make gates stick.

4. Spring Yard Cleanup

It is almost grass-cutting season! Before you get ready to use that lawnmower, make sure to change the oil, and get the blade sharpened. Now, head to your local hardware store to restock on supplies such as landscaping bags and grass seed. Don’t forget to pick up the tools you need to thatch, weed, and clean out your garden beds. Now that you are ready, fire up the BBQ, pull out the cooler and invite the family and friends.

Men (And Women) On A Mission

3/3/2022 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO Of South Frisco/The Colony, our mission is to develop a team of quality people who focus on excellent service, fairness and mutual respect and our vision is to be the premier cleaning and restoration company in the world. From Celina to Sanger, our “world” is wherever our customers are. Our team not only memorizes this mission but they are sent to fulfill this mission every day. 

When our community needs our team, we are always ready to respond to the call. Whether that  call is for fire damage, water damage, storm damage, or biohazard and disinfection; our crews’ focus is in ensuring our customers are satisfied. 

We understand that when our customers need us, they really need us due to the services we provide which is why we alway strive to provide a positive experience for our customers who are going through such stressful and difficult times. Our mission is more than a statement that our team has memorized, it is the heartbeat behind what we do.

What is Packout and Content Restoration?

2/15/2022 (Permalink)

When you have fire damage at your home or business, our team can properly catalog your belongings and perform what is called a “pack-out”.  Our technicians treat the items from your home or business with respect and empathy while ensuring your belongings are handled with care.

When you have fire damage at your home or business, our team can properly catalog your belongings and perform what is called “pack-out”.  Our technicians treat the items from your home or business with respect and empathy while ensuring your belongings are handled with care.


If your home requires extensive restoration or cleaning due to fire damage, SERVPRO ofSouth Frisco/The Colony can conduct an organized, efficient plan of action.  Move-out will provide several benefits, including:

  • Quicker remodeling process
  • Protecting items from potential damage
  • Protecting contents from further on-site damage

When restoration is completed, we will work with you to coordinate the move-in according to your needs.

Content Restoration

If your belongings are affected by fire damage, we can restore them with content restoration.  SERVPRO of South Frisco/The Colony has the expertise and a "restore" versus "replace" mentality that can help you save money while preserving precious keepsakes that cannot be replaced.  Our team of professionals will pretest your belongings to determine what items we can restore to preloss condition.  We use several methods of cleaning your contents including:

  • Dry Cleaning -used for cleaning light residues or to pre-clean prior to we cleaning.
  • Wet Cleaning -An effective cleaning method for removing moderate to heavy residues.
  • Spray and Wipe -Effective for items that can not withstand wet cleaning.
  • Foam Cleaning -used for upholstery fabrics that might shrink or bleed if wet cleaned.
  • Abrasive Cleaning -Involves agitation of the surface being cleaned.
  • Immersion Cleaning -Contents are dipped into a bath of the cleaning product.

Let SERVPRO of South Frisco/The Colony be the professionals that will take care of you!

Team Wilson Leads In The Restoration Industry

6/24/2021 (Permalink)

When you’ve been in the restoration industry for over 26 years, you get a very good sense of what to do in the aftermath of disasters. That’s especially true when you’ve been a leading franchise in one of the most well known restoration companies in the country. That’s the experience and expertise you get when you choose SERVPRO of South Frisco /The Colony, a SERVPRO franchise owned and operated by Team Wilson. 

It’s no secret that ever since our team started restoring homes in 1984, we’ve continued to build on the foundation of excellence, fairness, and mutual respect in which our original owner, David Wilson, had laid. This is the legacy that lives and breathes in each member of our SERVPRO organization today. And it’s this legacy that has consistently placed us in the top ten out of 1700+ franchises for the past 26 years.

As far as the quality of our service, we strive to always turn our customer’s ordeal into a positive experience with our company. We see disasters as an opportunity to serve our communities through our experienced and highly skilled technicians.

When you call on SERVPRO of South Frisco / The Colony for your disaster, you’re not just calling one of the leading brands in the restoration industry, you’re calling on a team that leads within the restoration industry.

Have You Considered A Career At SERVPRO?

6/15/2021 (Permalink)

In today’s job market, job seekers are no longer looking for a place where they’ll make a paycheck, they are searching for a place where they’ll make a difference. At SERVPRO of South Frisco / The Colony, our team members do just that on a daily basis. Not matter which role you play in our organization, whether its at the front desk taking calls or on the front lines extracting water, you can be certain that you are fulfilling duties that go beyond 

Coupled with a family-oriented culture and a standard of excellence in all we do, not only do our team members feel right at home, but they also end the day knowing that the work they deliver is among the best in the industry.

At SERVPRO, positions are always available for the right individuals who wish to join us in our vision of becoming the premier cleaning and restoration company in the world. Not only is it our mission to develop a team of quality people who focus on fairness, excellence, and mutual respect, but we are also create opportunities for our team members to grow within the organization. We desire to see you succeed! 

So no matter which role you play in our organization, whether its at the front desk taking calls or on the front lines extracting water, you can be certain that you are fulfilling duties that go beyond administrative tasks or heavy lifting, you are helping us restore hope and normalcy to the lives and daily routines of some of the most vulnerable and even traumatized members of our communities. 

If you’re looking for a place where you will make a difference in the lives you touch and have the opportunity to grow and develop your skills, a career at SERVPRO of South Frisco / The Colony may be a great fit for you!

If you or someone you know is looking for a career change, click this link to apply. 

Why Choose SERVPRO for Storm Damage Restoration

3/9/2021 (Permalink)

Let us give you 5 Reasons...

24-Hour Emergency Service

Unfortunately, disaster can strike at any time, and when it comes to water damage after a storm, time is of the essence. Every second a structure is exposed to water increases the chances of mold growth.  Our SERVPRO of South Frisco / The Colony team is on-call 24-7, including holidays, to help after a storm. The professionals at SERVPRO are available 24-hours a day and work to provide storm restoration services for both residential properties and commercial buildings. They respond to calls quickly to minimize damage and, in turn, the costs of cleanup and restoration. 

Certification and Experience

It is very important to have experienced professionals when dealing with water or fire damage. Look for a company with certifications backed up by real-world experience. The technicians at SERVPRO are all IICRC certified. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) sets high-quality standards for restoration companies. Employees at SERVPRO are constantly learning new techniques through e-Classes and certification training. 

Advanced Technology

Storm damage restoration is a complex process and requires advanced technology. Choosing a restoration company with the proper tools is crucial to minimizing damage. SERVPRO only uses the best technology and equipment, including water removal machines, moisture exposing tools, and deodorization materials. They have access to equipment housed in over 1,700 franchises and even have designated disaster recovery teams.

Locally Owned and Operated

Locally owned companies are more invested in ensuring communities bounce back after major storms. Their clients aren’t just clients—they’re neighbors, friends, and family. SERVPRO is a nationwide franchise, but each franchise is locally owned. This combination gives home and business owners the best of both worlds: the customer care and localized knowledge that comes with a local company and a large corporation's resources.

Familiar with Insurance Requirements

Storm damage restoration can be stressful. However, dealing with insurance providers afterward can be even worse. The best storm restoration companies are familiar with all major insurance providers and provide assistance with the claims process.

When It Counts, Count On SERVPRO

3/8/2021 (Permalink)

Everyday we make decisions. There are some decisions that are as irrelevant as choosing between lilac and lavender, tan or sand; meaning, in the grand scheme of events, they don’t carry much weight.

However, there are other decisions that can make or break your day and in many cases, the day after and the day after that. Sometimes, these are decisions we don’t plan on making but have to be resolved quickly. Decisions such as choosing between which restoration company to choose when your home or office suffers a disaster is one that most people never stop to consider because most people hope to never need our disaster restoration services. But, disasters do happen.

In events like these, the future of your residence or commercial space hangs in the balance. Depending on the company you choose, you could get premier service: help that is available 24/7/365, and IICRC certified technicians who know what they’re doing. In which case, you’d be choosing SERVPRO of South Frisco / The Colony, the best choice for clean-up and disaster restoration. Not only will you have access to the quality and professional service, but you’ll also have a nationwide team that comes together when large-scale disasters happen, such as the disaster that followed the freeze caused by Winter Storm Uri. During the following weeks and months, SERVPRO franchises from every state traveled to the south central region of the United States to help residents and business owners restore their properties after pipes froze and flooded their space.

That’s why, whether it’s flooding in your home, or your hometown, SERVPRO of South Frisco / The Colony is who you trust to make it, “Like it never even happened.”

In Regional Disasters, SERVPRO Is One Team

3/5/2021 (Permalink)

When the south central region of the United States endured below freezing temperatures for multiple consecutive days, they turned to one brand to help restore their homes and businesses that were affected by burst pipes and water damage: SERVPRO.

On what was meant to be the day of expressing love and warm emotions instead turned to be the beginning of what would be a long week of record breaking freezing temperatures that affected multiple states in the southwest, mainly Texas. As the temperatures dropped, the number of customers affected with flooding caused burst pipes quickly increased. By the end of the week, tens of thousands of home and business owners were calling SERVPRO to mitigate the damage.

There’s a reason why during the most the historic cold snap in 70 years, Texans and residents of the south central and southwestern part of the United States called SERVPRO. In fact, there are about 1700. These 1700 reasons show up in the form of franchises and crews that have left their home states, some for extended periods of time, to travel with their equipment and assist local franchises in the restoration of these homes and businesses that suffered water damage.

The amazing thing about choosing SERVPRO of South Frisco / The Colony is that our customer’s don’t just get access to one restoration company, but they partner with a trusted name in the restoration industry that has access to a network of franchises that are willing to come and assist in historic events such as the one we as a region experienced in February of 2021.

So no matter if it’s hurricanes or freezes, SERVPRO is always at the ready to unite forces to help a region restore their communities, living true to the tagline: One Team.

Trust Us to Restore Your Damaged Documents

2/12/2021 (Permalink)

In the digital age we live in, it can hardly seem like anyone still uses paper as the only written record of important documents. However, in our industry, we see it happen quite often. 

While most documents can be saved in the cloud, there are special records that cannot be simplified to a few gigabytes stored in a flash drive tucked away in a junk drawer. 

Documents such as old yearbooks, family recipes passed down throughout generations, handwritten notes from those that have gone ahead of us, or even delicate photos of the past. 

Such documents can hold important legal and sentimental value, and when disaster strikes, such as water damage, the restoration of those documents is just as important as the rest of the affected area. 

That’s why one of the benefits of choosing SERVPRO of South Frisco / The Colony is our ability to offer document restoration services. 

If important documents, photo albums, or even yearbooks are damaged in the event of a water loss, SERVPRO has the ability to restore those documents back to preloss condition. By implementing vacuum freezing techniques, our technicians are able to restore important documents and get them back to you with minimal damage, basically making it, “Like it never even happened.”

Though some documents only hold sentimental value, we believe that if it’s important to our customers, it’s important to us. Which is why our document restoration capabilities are just another way we can better serve you.

A Legacy of Restoration - Frisco 75034

2/10/2021 (Permalink)

If there was ever a year to highlight the importance of disaster restoration services, 2020 was it. 

It’s no secret the past year was a rough year for many. In the midst of a global pandemic, national crisis, and new guidelines that determined the “new normal” for the time being, it felt like the world was coming to a stop. Yet, in the midst of all the change, fire and water damages were still regular occurrences that our crews responded to while also attending and shifting our services to provide preventative disinfection for properties affected by COVID-19.

Though this previous year introduced new difficulties for all of us, from health care workers to business owners to children navigating distance learning, our crews once again rose up to the challenge, looked into the eyes of disaster, and got to work. 

Our trained technicians don’t just restore homes and offices. We restore comfort, control, and peace of mind to our customers when they need it most. It’s the promise that we have made to our community: that when they need us, we’ll be there. It’s the commitment and consistency of the SERVPRO brand that recognizes us as the best in what we do.

Whether it was extracting water caused by a pipe burst, clearing debris from a fire, or donning hazmat suits to disinfect COVID-19 positive homes and offices, our techs have continued the legacy of restoration that causes SERVPRO to stand out from its competitors. A legacy that has been recognized for the past 21-years as #1 in the industry. 

And it’s because of this legacy that our customers call us; because they wouldn’t trust anyone else.

What to Look For When Choosing a Disaster Restoration Company

1/27/2021 (Permalink)

Green Servpro cars lined up SERVPRO is known for being faster to any size disaster.

If you’re like most homeowners, the last thing you want to deal with is a disaster to your home or property. In addition to dealing with insurance policies and the well-being of those closest to you, the stress that comes with having to choose a restoration company can seem a bit overwhelming. 

Here are a few things to be on the lookout when choosing a company to restore your home or office after a disaster:

  • Trained and Certified by the IICRC  

The IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Company) sets the standard in the disaster restoration industry. Choosing a company that has been trained and certified by the IICRC ensures you are working with professionals who truly know what they’re doing. SERVPRO of South Frisco / The Colony consistently goes through training and certification by the IICRC. 

  • Response Time

Disasters rarely happen on the clock. This means you need a restoration company that is always available to help whether its on a weekend, holiday, or even during pandemic shut downs. It’s important to choose a company that is always open. SERVPRO not only remained open during the shut down, but we also assisted other essential businesses in keeping their doors open and employees safe by providing proactive disinfection services. We pride ourselves in not only always being open but also being faster to any size disaster.

  • Manpower

Major storm events can place a huge strain on restoration companies as they try to help their communities put the pieces of “normal life” back together. If the company isn’t adequately scaled to deal with the needs of their customers, this could result in job delays and cause even more damage than the storm itself. When that happens, instead of trusting out of town storm chasers who are here today and gone tomorrow, it’s critical to be able to count on your local disaster restoration company to answer your call among the dozens or hundreds of others that come in as a result of these storms. Thankfully, SERVPRO of South Frisco / The Colony is not only capable of dealing with the needs of our customers in the territories we serve, but at our disposal are 1700+ franchises that are able to work together to serve our customers following large-scale disasters. 

The aftermath of these events, though shocking, do not have to be stressful. Whether its water, fire, or storm damage, the result of these disasters require the attention of a professional and trustworthy disaster restoration company, a company such as SERVPRO of South Frisco / The Colony.

What to Expect from SERVPRO of South Frisco/The Colony

3/16/2020 (Permalink)

What should be expected when you contact SERVPRO?

Expect our 24-hour availability! Whether you are calling day or night, weekday or weekends, and even during the holidays, you can always expect to speak with a real person about the emergency you are experiencing. SERVPRO of South Frisco/The Colony is the top choice for many insurance agencies in the Dallas/Fort Worth areas. 

Here is what you can expect during the first several hours after contacting SERVPRO of South Frisco/The Colony: 

Quick Response - When a building has been damaged, the response time is an important factor in how time-consuming and how costly restoration will be. SERVPRO is always open, so you can expect to hear back within an hour after you have contacted them about the emergency. Once you have provided them with the necessary information, we will begin preparing to address the needs of your client.

Arrive Time - Our technicians can be on-site to begin the restoration process within four hours. This fast response can make the difference if your home or commercial business has suffered a great deal of damage. Beginning the process more quickly will result in less damage overall which can end up costing the insurance agency less money.

Inspection/Verbal Briefing - Once the damage restoration specialists have arrived, they can inspect the home to determine the extent of the damage and decide on the best course of action moving forward. Our team has the ability to let you know in the emergency is claim worthy or not as well. They will provide a verbal briefing so that you are aware of what will happen next. Our team's quick 24-hour response will allow us to begin mitigation as soon as possible to prevent any further damage before we begin work on necessary repairs.

Call us any time, day or night at 972.335.9900

Always Ready to Help

3/12/2020 (Permalink)


The mess left by floods, fires, or mold is a lot to handle by yourself. We provide emergency cleaning services for any of these problems. Let us help you get your life back to normal after an emergency. Sometimes the most damaging thing from a fire is the smoke and soot that comes with it. Our cleaning professionals will remove any traces and odor left by smoke and soot after a fire. Getting rid of the mess after a fire is a difficult job, and it requires knowledge and experience to be completely successful. The same is true when it comes to removing mold, mildew, and sewage. With our trusted professionals, you can be sure the damage from any disaster will be minimized as much as possible.

Mold Damage

  • Mold grows when water damage has not been dried properly. If you have had previous water damage and are now seeing fuzzy or wet spots of mold somewhere in your home, call us today. The quicker a mold problem is taken care of by our professional restoration team, the less overall damage you will have to deal with.

Water Damage

  • Immense water damage, like a flood from a burst pipe, always happens when you least expect it. Our emergency restoration services are available 24/7 because these emergencies cannot wait. Immediate action must be taken in order to save your home or business. Our trusted team will respond quickly to clean up the mess and lower the possibility of mold growth.

Fire Damage

  • Fires are destructive, as well as the smoke and soot that comes with them. If these problems aren’t taken care of very quickly, the damage will be severe and permanent. Take action instantly after a fire and call our restoration team. We can fix all of the problems that come after a fire, and we do our best work to return your home or business to normal.

We are available any time, day or night, to help with any problem, and you can trust us to do our best work every time. No matter what emergency you’re facing, contact SERVPRO of South Frisco/The Colony today at 972.335.9900 and let our emergency restoration services team take care of it!

What does a Noisy Water Pipe Mean?

3/12/2020 (Permalink)

A busted water pipe can cause extreme damage to your home or business Grey metal pipe with a large crack that has clear water spraying out

We all know the noises our home makes. That cracking when it is quiet, the sound of someone walking around in the attic or the quiet drip of the shower even hours after it has been used. Our homes all have a set of familiar noises! However, not all those sounds can be good for your home or your wallet! Especially, the sounds coming from your water pipes may be a warning. While a whistling faucet may simply require a new washer to quiet down, if you have a hissing, whistling sound in multiple fixtures and a hammering noise coming from your pipes, you could be headed for a pipe break! Residential water pressure is usually around 80 psi, but sometimes municipalities have to increase pressure for nearby non-residential facilities. When this happens the increased water pressure can damage your home’s plumbing. In addition to the irritation of noisy pipes, high water pressure can:

  • Erode pipes
  • Reduce life expectancy of fixtures
  • Increase water bills
  • Result in leaks
  • Cause a pipe burst

What’s Causing the Noises?

As a large amount of water is forced through fixture openings designed to handle a lower flow, it makes a whistling sound, just like forcing a large amount of air through pursed lips causes a whistling sound. When water suddenly stops flowing through pipes, the momentum causes it to slam around inside the pipe, which causes a clanging or banging sound. Your plumbing has built-in air chambers to prevent this from happening, but when water pressure is higher than normal, the chambers aren’t enough to prevent the hammering sound. The longer you wait to address high water pressure in your home, the more likely it is to cause a pipe break.

What To Do About High Pressure

If you suspect your water pressure is too high, call a plumber in to test the pressure for you. A device called a pressure regulating valve, or PRV can be installed to control the water pressure inside your home. Hiring a professional to prevent a pipe break is far preferable to hiring one to fix a broken pipe inside your walls. If an emergency was to occur, know that we are ready to help you at a moment’s notice. Our team of highly trained technicians will assess the damages and take the necessary steps.

What is Hoarding?

3/12/2020 (Permalink)

A yard outside of a brick building that is full of random trash items being hoarded Hoarding can lead to homes filled with extreme clutter

What is Hoarding?

Hoarded items are often things others would throw away or look at as junk or garbage such as old newspapers, junk mail or packaging. Hoarding can lead to homes filled with extreme clutter to full capacity from years of accumulation, making living conditions unsanitary and crowded. Bugs, fleas, rats and other vermin may be present, at which point an exterminator would need to be called. At times, hoarding may spread outside the home as well, to storage facilities, or even the garage or yard.

Did you know that hoarding is considered a disorder by The American Psychiatric Association? The APA states:

"People with hoarding disorder excessively save items that others may view as worthless. They have persistent difficulty getting rid of or parting with possessions, leading to clutter that disrupts their ability to use their living or workspaces. Hoarding is not the same as collecting. Collectors look for specific items, such as model cars or stamps, and may organize or display them. People with hoarding disorder often save random items and store them haphazardly. In most cases, they save items that they feel they may need in the future, are valuable or have sentimental value. Some may also feel safer surrounded by the things they save. Hoarding disorder occurs in an estimated 2 to 6 percent of the population and often leads to substantial distress and problems functioning. Some research show hoarding disorder is more common in males than females. It is also more common among older adults--three times as many adults 55 to 94 years are affected by hoarding disorder compared to adults 34 to 44 years old” ~ Ranna Parekh, M.D., M.P.H. in July 2017 via

How can SERVPRO of South Frisco/The Colony Help?

We encounter hoarding situations in several different ways. We may be called for a fire or water loss and find the hoarding situation when we arrive on-site. We will communicate with the insurance company regarding the customer's contents coverage, and after approval, contents can be packed out and possibly cleaned, dried, and stored in our temporary storage in our warehouse so work on the fire or water loss can begin. Another way we encounter hoarding jobs is through calls from landlords, caseworkers, real estate agents, or family members, often after the death of a loved one. In these situations, the crew will see if they should look for any items of importance while they clean the job. Sometimes, family members will come and try to help the hoarder sort through their contents as well. Each case is very different, and hoarding jobs are often sensitive situations, but we are here to help make it “Like it never even happened.”

If you encounter a hoarding situation at one of your properties, or with your insureds, call us at 972.335.9900

Unpleasant Home Odors

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Green SERVPRO hydroxyl generator shaped like a cube with 4 blue ring lights inside The Hydroxyl Generator is designed to treat unwanted odors

Odors from smoke, pets, decomposition or mold can cause lingering odors in your home or business. A simple surface clean doesn’t necessarily get rid of these smells. With technicians certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration (IICRC), we provide specialized services that can rid your home or business of offensive odors left by smoke, mold or other sources.

Our professionals do not cover up lingering odors with a fragrance; they seek out and remove the sources of the odor. Once the source is found, we use SERVPRO’s own proprietary line of cleaning products to treat and prevent the odor from returning. These techniques are capable of penetrating surfaces to neutralize an unpleasant odor thoroughly.

Some of the tools we use include 

Ozone Generator: The Ozone Generator is one of the quickest ways to eliminate odors from a home or office. We use the Ozone Generator to oxidize odor and eliminate odors from mold, mildew, pets, nicotine, smoke and more without the use of chemicals. Though the room being treated cannot be occupied while in use, the generator works quickly to clean, sanitize and remove offensive odors.

Hydroxyl Generator: The Hydroxyl Generator has several benefits that the Ozone Generator does not. The main benefit is that the room being treated can be occupied during the deodorization process; though it does work slower. The Hydroxyl Generator can be used to treat fire and smoke, as well as biohazard jobs, water damage, crime scene situations, and animal odors.

Air Filtration Device: This piece of equipment, also known as an air scrubber, is used to remove airborne contaminants during water, fire, smoke, mold, and sewage restoration work. These work by pulling air through HEPA filtration to remove airborne particles from the air. This helps clean the air and remove odors. Whether you are a building manager who needs an apartment cleaned for the next tenant or homeowner who wants to get your home ready for sale, getting rid of offensive odors is a high priority.

Why Document Dry?

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Green metal document drying chamber that looks like a freight box SERVPRO's Freeze Drying Chamber

When you experience a flood at your home or place of business, you can't afford to lose important documents or paper goods to water damage. Using state of the art technology, SERVPRO is well equipped to properly dry and recover paper goods ranging from paper files to books to x-rays and photos.

Why use SERVPRO for document restoration?

The SERVPRO document restoration facility uses the latest vacuum free-drying method in addition to gamma irradiation technology for sterilizing. The facility is under 24-hour surveillance and is managed by HIPAA Master-certified technicians to ensure proper safety and privacy of your documents. The SERVPRO document restoration team has the capacity to handle large scale commercial losses and smaller residential jobs.

Are there other services than just document drying?

Yes, there are! In addition to drying your documents, SERVPRO also offers cleaning/disinfecting, re-jacketing, digitizing, and deodorization. No matter your document restoration needs, SERVPRO of South Frisco/The Colony is "Here to Help"!

Move Outs Aid in Timely Recovery

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When an insured experiences a fire loss, it is often necessary to move the home’s contents to another location for storage, security and restoration of damaged contents. This process is also referred to as a pack out.

Damage to a structure requiring a move out will involve the entire structure rather than be localized to one room. If only one room is affected, the contents may be moved to other rooms in the structure while repairs are being made instead of out of the house. In other occasions, it is necessary to move contents out of the entire structure. Once a move out is decided upon, SERVPRO of South Frisco/The Colony follows a precise process to ensure that it is done correctly.

When arriving to assess the damage professionals will pretest items to determine their clean-ability. This process will help to determine what items are restorable and what items need to be deemed claim items. In all situations, our priority is getting your customer back into their home or office in a timely manner. SERVPRO of South Frisco/The Colony professionals will make a complete inventory of all items being moved out of the structure on a room-to-room basis to ensure all items are detailed. Those items that are restorable will be carefully packed for removal.

Ask about our “Claims Items” inventory service. Call SERVPRO of  South Frisco/The Colony to get an accurate claim list fast.

After the contents are packed and the furniture is labeled, the professionals from SERVPRO will check off each item on the inventory list as it is being loaded into the moving can for removal.

Once removed, each item will be carefully restored and stored until the structure is ready for the move back. When the structure has been restored, SERVPRO of South Frisco/The Colony professionals will return the cleaned and restored contents to the insured.

SERVPRO Will Help You Get Back To Business After A Fire

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It can be very disheartening to see your business engulfed in flames and to grasp just how hard restoring it will be. In between salvaging what you can, unraveling the appropriate paperwork to file for your insurance claim and ensuring the safety of all involved it is hard to know where to start. Moreover, of course, there are the financial considerations that come from your business not being able to operate. 

For all commercial fire damage needs, SERVPRO is here to help. Our team of experts is here to help you set priorities and relieve you from the work we do best. As tempting as it may be to enter your business with mops and cleaners, restoring your business after a fire is best handled by experts. Time is of the essence, and we can set things in motion as soon as you reach out to us. Our team is available 24/7 to respond to your emergency and begin the restoration process. 

When there is fire, the damage comes not only from flames but also from the water and chemicals used to douse it out. Deciding what is salvageable and what is not can be time-consuming, but our well-established procedures are designed to make the decision more effective, thus saving you time and money. Our SERVPRO team first concentrates on eliminating any standing water and removing any materials that cannot be salvaged. Once our monitoring equipment verifies that moisture is back to acceptable levels, we utilize air movers and dehumidifiers to ensure everything is dry. 

Our work is not done until we rid your business of unpleasant odors. To remove smoke and soot we use specialized solutions specific to each surface to clean and disinfect, but for odors, we use different approaches to neutralize and eliminate the offending smells. Our SERVPRO team understands how smoke travels, so we understand how to fight its remnants. By using charcoal activated filters, we clean the air through your HVAC system, and we complement those efforts with deodorizing pellets and even an ozone generator if appropriate.

We hope your business never falls victim to fire damage, but we are here to help if it does. Just call us at (972) 335-9900 and allow our experts to work for you. Every minute we can help you gain in opening your business again is time well spent.

Will A Failing Water Heater Damage Your Frisco Home?

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A common issue in homes, including in The Colony and Frisco, is water heater failure. Most of these issues result from a sudden burst or a slow leak. Since these devices usually reside in a closet or somewhere else out of sight, you can wind up with a big problem on your hands. Therefore, taking steps to reduce these risks is essential to keep your home dry and safe.  

A failing water heater is one of the top five sources of residential water damage. If your home’s water heater has created a water disaster like this, get in touch with SERVPRO staff right away for water removal services that are top-notch. We have been professionally trained and equipped to handle all kinds of water damage emergencies and respond to your call quickly, so it is not difficult to see why SERVPRO is the choice you should make to restore your home.  

You can many times avoid water heater failure by taking a few simple steps. First of all, know how old your water heater is. If it has reached its life expectancy, the risk of a sudden burst or slow leak goes up. When your water heater has burst and dumped water all over your floor, SERVPRO techs can arrive at your home fast to pump the standing water out with truck-mounted pumps. We also have dehumidifiers and industrial fans to help dry the area out quickly to avoid mold growth.  

Another thing to check is the anode rod of your water heater. These are installed to help stop corrosion of the tank. You should inspect it every two years and at least once per year once the warranty has expired. You also need to clean out your water heater on a regular basis. Sediment can be removed by flushing out the tank every six months. Attach a garden hose at the base to the valve there to do so. Make sure you first turn the power off and run hot water until it cools before you flush the tank.  

Get a professional plumber to inspect the water heater piping and shut-off valve once per year. Signs of rust, lose or wet joints and broken valves are all signals that more severe damage is possible.  

SERVPRO of South Frisco/The Colony can come to the rescue after your water heater in your home. With the amount of water these appliances can unleash on your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 972 335 9900 any time you need us.

What To Expect After Contacting SERVPRO

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What To Expect After Contacting SERVPRO

If a client has suffered damage to his or her home, it is important to act quickly. SERVPRO’s 24 hour availability makes them a top choice for many insurance agencies. Here is what you can expect during the first several hours after contacting the restoration company.

1. A Quick Response
When a building has been damaged, the response time is an important factor in how time-consuming and how costly restoration will be. SERVPRO is always open, so you can expect to hear back within an hour after you have contacted them about the emergency. Once you have provided them with the necessary information, they will begin preparing to address the needs of your client.

2. Arrival to the Damaged Site
With over 1,700 locations, SERVPRO can arrive quickly to any emergency. They can be on site to begin the restoration process within four hours. This fast response can make a huge difference if your client’s home has suffered a great deal of damage. Beginning the process more quickly will result in less damage overall which can end up costing the insurance agency less money.

3. Inspection and a Verbal Briefing
Once the damage restoration specialists have arrived, they can inspect the home to determine the extent of the damage and decide on the best course of action moving forward. This should all happen within eight hours of your initial call. They will provide a verbal briefing so that you and your client are aware of what will happen next. Their quick 24 hour response will allow them to begin mitigation as soon as possible to prevent any further damage before they begin work on necessary repairs.
Because it can spread and worsen quickly, the 24 hour period after damage has occurred is crucial. SERVPRO’s fast response will save the agency money and allow your client to have their home back sooner.

It's Elemental

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Mother Nature is a force no one can reckon with. The elements are an unpredictable enemy that anyone who owns property needs to take into constant consideration. With little or no warning, a natural disaster can wipe your business off the map within the blink of an eye. It is vital to be prepared for what could potentially be in store in your future and the damage control you can have prepared for these very situations. Listed below are a few examples of how you can defend your assets against the unforeseen elements.

Risk Assessment:  Where you are located can dictate your plan of action. If you are living in an area prone to flooding or located where tornadoes are common it might seem obvious in what coverage you require. A risk assessment is an important tool as it can identify the lesser probable causes of loss. Just because some events are less likely to occur than others, does not prevent the possibility of them happening. The best offense is a great defense. So be prepared.

Business Interruption Insurance: When you lose your ability to earn income do to damaged property your business interruption insurance will cover most of your loss. Some scenarios are straightforward as in water damage due to a burst pipe or structural damage caused by a fire. Natural disasters are not as specific. Secondary issues such as closed roads due to down trees can cause a loss of income and a basic interruption plan will not cover these situations. It is very important to look into supporting insurance that can be added on to cover such events.

FEMA Funding: Flooding is one of the most common side effects of natural disasters. While rain might be covered by your Business Owner's Policy, once it settles in any location it is no longer considered rain and is now defined as flood water. Flood water can only be insured by The Federal Flood Insurance Program which is administered by FEMA. 

Consider all options: When insuring your commercial building it should be of highest priority to be sure all options have been considered. Be completely aware of the threat that the elements pose and the steps you can have in place to insure your property should disaster strike.

Greased Lighting

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The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is a universal meeting point to converse while rummaging for a snack and is an essential part of any household. So it should be no wonder to know that nearly 41 percent of fires originate in the kitchen area. Multiple factors can play into the dangers of in home fires, many of which we overlook. We will be going through a list of steps to take when confronted with a grease fire and how to practice the proper techniques to either get the fire under control, or remove yourself to seek help.

Once a fire ignites:

  • The most immediate approach you can take is to smother the flames with a cooking lid or cookie sheet. Leave on flame until it has been extinguished and the surface has cooled.
  • Immediately turn off the heat source
  • Baking Soda or Salt are the only two kitchen ingredients to be used when putting out a grease fire. Never use flour or any other substance to extinguish flames as they can make the fire worse.
  • If all else has failed and the fire is still manageable, use a fire extinguisher to control situation.

NEVER USE WATER TO PUT OUT GREASE FIRE FLAMES. Do not attempt to move burning items outside.

If all else fails:

  • If you cannot get the flames smothered it is imperative to immediately vacate the home and seek help. Kitchen fires can spread very quickly leaving you vulnerable and reduces your points of exit.
  • Close all doors behind you as you leave as it can help contain the spread of the flames.
  • Call 911 immediately from a safe distance.
  • Never under any circumstances reenter your home while fire is in progress.
  • Always have a current evacuation plan composed for your family to know which route is best to safely leave in the case of an emergency.

Home fire loss makes for a long process of recovery as well as the possibility of losing precious items that cannot be replaced. These simple steps and help you prevent disaster from striking and keep your family safe.